Have you purchased a dog or cat from a puppy farm? Holding negligent puppy farmers accountable using the consumer law

17 September 2018

Nala - one of our clients

Nala - one of our clients

Nala (pictured above) is a two year old female beagle. When Nala was born, she was so severely infested with worms and emaciated that she almost died. Luckily for Nala, her human Mum and Dad realised something was wrong soon after they purchased her. They took her to a vet where she got the urgent care that she required. The vet treating said that Nala's flea infestation would have been passed onto her from her fur Mum in utero. Somewhere, Nala's fur Mum continues to suffer – if she is still alive. 

In July 2018, our team took her breeders to court to try and hold them accountable for the cruel consequences of their negligent breeding.

We have filed our case in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the matter has been set down for a hearing on 30 October 2018.

Our case relies on the Australian Consumer Law to argue that breeders who fail to take proper care when breeding animals, should be liable for the vet fees that are later incurred by owners to treat their sick pets. Our case is based on the consumer guarantees and misleading and deceptive conduct. We are aiming to create a legal precedent to discourage negligent breeding and puppy farming in the future.

Our team have put together a Victorian specific fact sheet about how you may be able to use the Australian Consumer Law to hold negligent breeders to account.

You can download the fact sheet here.

The information contained in this factsheet cannot be considered as legal advice as it is intended to provide general information only. It does not take into account your personal circumstances or individual needs. You should seek legal advice from a registered legal practitioner in relation to any legal matters.