Submission in response to the Free Range Egg Labelling Consultation Paper

Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur,

Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur,

On 27 November 2015, ALI made a submission to the Australian Treasury on behalf of Consumer Affairs Australia New Zealand (CAANZ) in response to the Free Range Egg Labelling Consultation Regulation Impact Statement.

ALI recommends that the Commonwealth introduce an information standard pursuant to section 134 of the Australian Consumer Law which requires producers to label their eggs as either free range, ‘barn’ or ‘cage’. ALI recommends that this standard extend to all eggs in the retail market, and that a consultation process and independent market survey be undertaken to understand what the term free range means to a broad cross section of consumers who purchase free range eggs.

ALI recommends amending the definition of free range to better reflect the minimum husbandry practices that a majority of consumers expect a producer of free range eggs to adhere to.

Finally, ALI does not support the proposal to introduce a new 'premium free range' category or a new 'access to range' category because doing so is unnecessary and could also increase consumer confusion.