Submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

The Animal Law Institute has made a submission to the ACCC with regard to Pasture Raised On Open Fields Pty Ltd's Certification Trade Mark (PROOF CTM). 

ALI supports the overall direction of the PROOF CTM to the extent that the PROOF Standards prescribe greater welfare standards than those found in the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines and similar CTMs such as the RSPCA Approved Farming scheme.

However, ALI has concerns that the PROOF CTM Application does not meet all of the requirements in subsection 175(2) of the Trade Marks Act 1995 (TMA)

On this basis, ALI is of the view that there are sufficient grounds for the ACCC to exercise its power under subsection 175(3) of the TMA to require PROOF to amend the PROOF Standards to address the deficiencies therein.

UPDATE: We have been informed that Pasture Raised on Open Fields Pty Ltd has now withdrawn the PROOF CTM