Victorian Legal & Regulatory Framework Relating to Restricted Breed Legislation

The Animal Law Institute has made a submission to the Victorian Parliament's Economic and Infrastructure Committee with regard to the current legal and regulatory framework relating to restricted breed dogs.

The evidence to date indicates that the current framework has not and is not working to reduce dog attacks. In addition to not achieving its stated purposes of reducing dog attacks, the current and historic framework is plagued with significant enforcement problems.

Importantly, the current framework has significant opposition from local councils implementing the law, council officers, key animal welfare organisations such as the RSPCA (VIC) and peak veterinary associations such as the Australian Veterinary Association. 

On these bases, ALI submits that the Committee should recommend that the restricted breed legislation in Victoria be repealed and a number of legislative and policy initiatives to the current framework should instead be introduced based on an evidence supported model of reducing dog attacks such as the Calgary Model in Canada.