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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with ALI. We are currently recruiting for the volunteer positions advertised below. Applications for positions that we are currently not recruiting for will not be processed.

Director of Fundraising

  • Short-term position to develop a fundraising strategy
  • Ongoing opportunities available if desired
  • Newly created leadership role
  • Work with a high-performing, passionate management team
  • Contribute to protecting the interests of animals in Australia

Location: No specified location

Work type: Part-time, voluntary and short-term position to develop a specific fundraising strategy; it is desirable (but optional) that your role include the execution and implementation of this fundraising strategy; ongoing opportunities available if desired

About The Animal Law Institute (ALI)

Founded in 2014, ALI is a not for profit community legal centre that is dedicated to protecting animals and advocating for their interests through the Australian legal system. ALI works to protect animals and empower their advocates to challenge the way our legal system treats animals by:

  • providing pro bono legal advice to organisations or persons whose interests and objects include the prevention of cruelty to animals, the improvement of animal welfare and the achievement of animal rights;
  • representing animals and their advocates in court;
  • lobbying for compassionate laws through policy submissions and broader law reform projects; and
  • providing free legal education.

ALI is a registered charity and member of peak bodies the Victorian Federation of Community Legal Centres and National Association of Community Legal Centres.

About the role

As ALI’s Director of Fundraising, you will be responsible for developing a fundraising strategy which enables ALI to employ a full-time or part-time lawyer (we are currently an entirely volunteer-based organisation). It would be desirable if you could be responsible for managing a team to execute and implement the strategy however this element of the role is optional. If desired, there is an ongoing position available in which you would be responsible for designing, executing and managing short- and long-term fundraising strategies to enable ALI to effectively and sustainably meet its goals. In this long-term role (optional), you would be responsible for:

  • developing fundraising strategies;
  • engaging individuals, corporations and other potential donors to generate funds for ALI’s activities, including growing a base of regular donors;
  • proactively identifying and pursuing business partnerships that would enable ALI to meet its financial goals;
  • organising and running innovative and effective fundraising events and campaigns;
  • contributing to the preparation of high quality grant and sponsorship applications;
  • reporting to the management team about the effectiveness of various fundraising strategies;
  • managing a team of volunteers that you will be responsible for, including a Grants Officer and Fundraising Officer; and
  • contributing to the strategic positioning of ALI and increasing the organisation’s broader standing and supporter base.

As a leader within the organisation, you will work directly with the board and department managers and be supported by a high-performing, passionate and cohesive management team.

The role is a task-specific role, that is to develop a specific fundraising strategy to enable us to hire a full-time or part-time lawyer. Ideally, you would be responsible for implementing and executing the fundraising strategy however this portion of the role is negotiable. If you desire, we would welcome the opportunity the work with you on an ongoing basis as our Director of Fundraising.

There is no requirement that you be located in any specific location, as ALI is a national organisation with managers and volunteers across the country. You will have flexibility and autonomy over your work times and location, as you will not be required to be in ALI’s physical office space to complete your Director of Fundraising duties.

Position requirements

We are seeking people with:

  • demonstrated capabilities in fundraising and campaign leadership, including the ability to design and implement fundraising strategies across a broad range of marketing channels including social media;
  • creativity to generate new ideas, opportunities and funding sources, including through public and private grant applications;
  • capabilities in developing effective strategic relationships;
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills, particularly the ability to influence and engage potential donors;
  • well-developed planning, organisational or events planning skills;
  • the ability to take initiative and work independently with minimal supervision;
  • the ability to work successfully with, and manage, a small team of volunteers;
  • an understanding of the importance of collaboration and respectful team work to successful fundraising;
  • an ability to communicate openly and honestly and to engage in constructive feedback processes;
  • a passion for animal protection and desire to increase community engagement in animal protection issues; and
  • the ability to meet time commitments and effectively communicate changes in capacity.

Application process

Please forward a cover letter addressing the position requirements and your resume to info@ali.org.au. Please use the subject heading 'Director of Fundraising – application'. 

For any further details concerning this role, please send an enquiry to info@ali.org.au with the subject heading 'Director of Fundraising – enquiry'. 


The Animal Law Institute is currently not seeking expressions of interest from lawyers. We will update this webpage once we are accepting expressions of interest.

Volunteer Lawyers must have a practising certificate in one Australian State or Territory (it does not have to be unrestricted) and will provide their services pro bono under ALI's professional indemnity insurance and be supervised by ALI's Principal Lawyer (you will not be operating under a firm's banner if you hold an employee practising certificate). Specific experience in one area including litigation is not required, however the Volunteer Lawyer must be passionate about animal welfare and willing to work as a team. ALI expects you to commit approximately 20–40 hours of pro bono assistance per year.  

We are unable to currently accept applications from lawyers in South Australia, unless you hold an unrestricted practising certificate.

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